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What’s red, white, and hard with Christmas cheer? It’s A Wood Awakening (Christmas Edition) by Juce Gace!

The festivities get a little cheeky this year with everyone’s favorite puppet, decked in a very Christmassy outfit complete with Santa’s hat. Get a load of him for the holidays, are you on his naughty list?


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Time to get spooky! We're celebrating Halloween with not one, but TWO A Wood Awakenings!

Introducing the A Wood Awakening: East Meets West! Inspired by eastern and western folk tales, A Wood Awakening dons 2 outfits this Halloween, he's in it for some extra treats! Representing the West of this East Meets West version, is a vampire inspired get up. Vampires are known for their blood sucking ways, but the only thing A Wood Awakening would suck is the lollipop you'll give him as a treat. Representing the East is the Jiangshi get up! Jiangshis are not the most intelligent of zombies, but there's no tricking A Wood Awakening out of his well deserved Halloween treats!

So dress up and get spooky! It's double the fun with double the A Wood Awakenings this Halloween!



Mighty Jaxx