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MEDICOM TOY BE@RBRICK Ito Jakuchu "Peony Poultry Drawing" 100% & 400% Set BEARBRICK

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Jakuchu Ito, a genius artist who was active in the middle of the Edo period. The flora and fauna drawn by the skillful and precise technique and vivid coloring are popular all over the world.

“Peony small bird figure” which is one of the representative works of Jakuchu was dropped into BE@RBRICK.

The print on the BE@RBRICK body is reproduced by water transfer so as not to damage the details of the delicate original picture. Finished with a glossy finish, BE @ RBRICK is beautiful and decorative! The entire screen is filled with peony flowers, which is difficult to notice, but if you look closely, you can see a small insect flying in the line of sight of the two birds. The beauty of the beautiful world, which expresses the duality of things by the weak and strong diet of nature, shows that Jakuchu is not just an artist.

An artist who played an active role in Kyoto in the middle of the Edo period, a “fantastic painter” that skillfully fuses realism and imagination.
The style is a splendid work that delicately depicts a wide variety of flora and fauna and weaves by overlapping various colors and forms. And the overall image, which is rich in color and skillfully combined with dyes and pigments on silk, has the same depth as light colors. In particular, the distinctive technique of Jakuchu’s “coloring of the back” creates the overall three-dimensional effect and transparency by coloring even from the back of the silk fabric. ..

[Body size] 100%: Height approx 70mm, 400%: Height approx 280mm


  • 100% AUTHENTIC

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