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  • $199.99

Medicom Toy is tapping into Peanuts nostalgia with a brand new BE@RBRICK. After unveiling its Toy Story Aliens iteration from a few days ago, the Japanese toymaker has followed with yet another cartoon-inspired release, this time channeling Charlie Brown’s best friend Linus van Pelt.

Mirroring the character from David Shulz’s iconic series, this BE@RBRICK has been rendered with the same quirky pencil-like detailing as the original illustrations. Starting at the top of the figure is a set of loosely drawn hair strands that cross over to neutral-toned ears. The BE@RBRICK is depicted with thin eyebrows, small round eyes and a smiling expression, complemented by the character’s iconic red shirt that’s detailed with squiggly black stripes. As a final note, the piece comes with black shorts, followed by red socks and a pair of brown shoes but without a security blanket.

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